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                                               THE 2018 CAMPAIGN

June 7, 2018

This is going to be an amazing year for politics not only nationally but right in our community. Our country, our state and county as well as cities will be electing new political officials that will affect the health, welfare and economics of Spokane and the surrounding area. Our political demographics are about as divided and diverse as those found all around the country. There are many issues and debates that will need to be discussed. We need to look at our overall infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, walkways, public transportation, etc. We will need to decide how much money we want to spend on essential services such as police, fire department, schools, sanitation, just to mention a few. All of these things cost money! Managing money requires maintaining a realistic budget. We cannot spend more than we make. Issues such as gasoline taxes, taxes on road usage and other unique ways of raising revenue will surely be part of the political discussion arenas. Wages, jobs, unions, healthcare will all be on the slate. Spokane editorials in Post Falls Spokane discussion in Post Falls

One of the goals the Spokane Times hopes to achieve is to not only foster voter registration, but to help members of our community become familiar with the issues and the candidates. As a result, the Times will strive to interview as many candidates as our resources permit and candidates are willing to participate. As an IRS tax exempt non-profit organization we must always assure we are NON-partisan, never to show favoritism to any candidate or party or to denigrate any candidate or party. Our interviews will consist of asking candidates what we feel are relevant questions. I hope we will be able to bring enough information to help you make your decision when filling out our absentee ballots. The most important thing you can do is to REGISTER and then VOTE.

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