The Spokane Police Department investigated an armed Robbery at the Mission and Hamilton Safeway on June 11th. A description of the suspect, along with video was provided to Officers. On June 13th an alert Officer located the suspect blocks away from the original crime and he was arrested.

On June 11th, 2018 Officers responded to the Safeway at the corner of Mission and Hamilton for a possible shoplift/Robbery call. Officers learned that a male had shoplifted from the store twice that same day and had gotten away both times. The male came back to the store for a third time later that same day to shoplift again. A female store employee confronted the male as he was attempting to steal merchandise again.

As the employee attempted to detain the male, he turned and hit her in the face. The male fled on foot and the employee followed him. The employee stated that she stopped following the male because he turned around and pointed a gun at her.

She was able to provide a description of the male, a directions of travel and a surveillance video of the incident. Officers were not able to locate the suspect the night of the incident.

On June 13th Ofc Ryan Smith was patrolling the general area of the Safeway. As he drove by Mission Park he observed a male in the park that matched the description of the suspect from two days prior. Ofc Smith attempted to make contact with the male in the park, the male got onto his bicycle and attempted to ride away. Ofc Smith located the male several blocks away and he was attempting to conceal himself behind a large bush.

The male was identified as 20 year old Gunnar Kratcha. Ofc Smith located a realistic looking BB gun concealed in Kratcha’s clothing. Detectives responded to the scene to interview Kratcha. He was booked into Spokane County Jail for 1st degree armed Robbery.

An early morning crime spree in north Spokane leads to the arrest of three subjects, tens of thousands of dollars in damage and a frustrated neighborhood.

On July 5, 2018 Spokane Police responded to an apartment complex at 1225 E Westveiw Ct for a Graffiti incident. When Officers arrived they saw red spray paint covering the area. The property damage to the complex consisted of fencing being painted, tables, BBQ’s, signs, buildings, doors, the sidewalks and the streets.

At least 8 citizens called in stating that their vehicle’s had been painted. Some of the vehicles received heavy damage with their windows, hoods and doors being painted. Many people came out to express their frustrations with the incident. Some of them had surveillance video and were more than willing to turn it over. Some of the people in the video were identified.

Officer’s onscene made contact with some of the subjects on video. After an investigation three people were arrested. Two of the subjects are juveniles and will be charged through the Juvenile court. Officers arrested and booked 19 year old Jae Saulibio. Do to the extent and dollar amount of the damage, he will be charged with 1st degree Malicious Mischief.

The investigation is ongoing, there are still other suspects that need to be identified. We also believe that there are other victims of the vandalism that have yet to come forward. We ask that if your vehicle was vandalized, to call Crime Check at 456-2233.

On July 4th, 2018, the Spokane Police Department Patrol Anti-Crime Team (PACT) and K9 Unit were involved in an incident involving a 10 time convicted felon who used a stolen vehicle to ram and elude police officers.

In the early morning hours of July 4th, Officer W. Brooks with SPD PACT Team learned that Camp Chevrolet was the victim of a double vehicle theft (a report taken earlier in the day by SPD Patrol). Two BMW vehicles were stolen from Camp Chevrolet (1 was recovered close by).

The 2018 BWM X5 had GPS tracking software monitored by BMW. With a simple phone call, the PACT team was able to locate the stolen BMW X5 at the Northern Quest Casino. The PACT Team and K9 team set up surveillance on this vehicle and within minutes, observed two males get into this vehicle. Officers attempted to coordinate a block on the vehicle prior to it leaving the parking stall, however the vehicle was able to escape the blocking maneuver as it rammed through SPD K9 team member Officer Lesser and his partner K9 Murphy.

After the BWM rammed the Police vehicle, Officers initiated a pursuit for Assault on the Officer and Murphy. The vehicle eventually eluded Police officers as it fled northbound on N Hayford road. Officers learned of the vehicle’s location with the assistance of BMW.

Officers followed this vehicle via BMW’s GPS data up into Pend Oreille County. The stolen BMW X5 drove through USK and up into South Skookum Lake Campground. Once there, K9 Officer Lesser attempted to pin this vehicle in. The vehicle rammed through the pin again and drove back down the mountain. The BMW eventually stopped a couple miles away from the campground and Officer’s swooped in. K9 teams were there immediately and deployed their patrol dogs. Two passengers were apprehended by the K9’s and the driver was able to get away in the thick wooded area. Passenger Tanisha Ford and passenger Robert Screws were taken into custody for Taking Motor Vehicle without Permission. Both were later booked into jail.

Both the PACT Team and K9 teams abandoned the search for the driver for the night.

Through this investigation, the PACT team learned the driver of this vehicle who rammed K9 Officer Dan Lesser two times was 10 time convicted felon Jason R SiJohn.

On July 4th, at approx. 1715 hours, members of the SPD PACT Team, US Marshals, Kalispel Tribal Police, Pend Oreille County Sheriff’s Office and SPD K9 Unit, took Jason SiJohn into custody at a friend’s house in Pend Oreille County. Jason was hiding underneath a bed and was easily found.

Jason was booked into jail for 2 counts of Assault against Officers, Attempt to Elude, and Possession of a Stolen Motor Vehicle.

Pedestrian is seriously injured after being struck by automobile at Division Street and Pacific Avenue.

Yesterday, a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle after the pedestrian ran into the roadway without allowing time for the vehicles to come to a stop. The pedestrian is expected to survive and was cited for causing the collision.

On July 3rd, 2018, around 9:15 am, a pedestrian ran across Division Street from east to west and was struck by a northbound vehicle. He was crossing just outside of the marked crosswalk.

A vehicle in the right lane was able to stop. A large box truck in the middle lane had to abruptly stop to avoid striking the pedestrian. The driver of the vehicle in the left lane did not see the pedestrian and did not have time to react and get stopped before striking the pedestrian.

Surveillance video from a nearby business showed the pedestrian running into traffic, not giving traffic enough time to stop, while a person crossing behind him was walking. The pedestrian that was walking was not struck by any of the vehicles.

The struck pedestrian was transported to an area hospital for his serious injuries. He was cited for violation of RCW 46.61.235 (2). “No pedestrian or bicycle shall suddenly leave a curb or other place of safety and walk, run or otherwise move into the path of a vehicle which is so close that it is impossible for the driver to stop.”

This unfortunate collision is a reminder to pedestrians to exercise caution and abide by the traffic laws just as the motoring public has to follow. When crossing a roadway as a pedestrian make sure you pause and look at each lane of travel to ensure the vehicles see you and have stopped.

Spokane Police responded to the area of Hartson and Thor for a possible shooting call involving two vehicles. While enroute to that location, another call stated that a vehicle just crashed into a pole at Hartson and Florida and people were running from the vehicle. Officers later located and arrested several people for a variety of crimes.

On July 31, 2018 the Spokane Police Department was responding to the area of Hartson, west of Thor for a shooting. A caller stated that two vehicles were shooting at each other. Seconds later another call came in blocks away of two vehicles chasing and crashing into each other. While Police were driving to that scene another call came in at Florida and Hartson of a vehicle that crashed into a power pole. Witnesses stated that three males got out of the vehicle and took off running. Witnesses stated that an SUV was chasing a Honda and that the Honda crashed into the pole.

When Officers arrived witnesses confirmed that one of the males ran from the vehicle and he had a handgun in his hands. Due to the obvious dangers of the call, Police used a K-9 to attempt to track for the occupants.

While waiting for the K-9 to arrive, one witness came walking up to the scene and had one of the occupants with him. The witness watched the male exit the vehicle and flee, the witness tracked him down and was able to detain him with minimal force. When Officers searched the male, he was armed with a loaded handgun.

Deputy Hilton with Spokane County arrived with his K-9 partner Bane. They conducted a track from the vehicle going south through the houses and straight up steep terrain. This produced challenging due to not only the hilly area, but also the near 100 degree temperatures. After tracking through the area, Bane was able to locate the other two occupants of the vehicle and they were both detained.

During this time another witness followed the SUV that had fled the scene to a residence in the 2100 block of east Mission. Officers responded there and detained the driver of that vehicle, which did have several bullet holes in it.

Through the course of the investigation Officers learned that the occupants of the Honda were going to meet the occupants of the SUV to purchase Marijuana. Sometime during the drug deal, one of the Honda’s occupants pulled out a gun and robbed the SUV of its Marijuana. The Honda fled the scene on Hartson and the SUV gave chase. During the chase the rear occupant of the Honda leaned out the window and began shooting at the SUV, striking it several times. The driver of the SUV then rammed his car into the Honda several time.

The two vehicles continued east down Hartson at high speeds, which is a residential neighborhood. The Honda lost control, skidding off the roadway and shearing a power pole in half.

Due to the time of day this whole incident was witnessed by numerous people. It is amazing that nobody in this community was hit by bullets or by either one of these vehicles. Both vehicles had complete and absolute disregard for the safety of everybody in this community by not only the gunfire, but their careless driving. Both vehicle were traveling at more than double the speed limit through neighborhood streets. While onscene Officers took note of the dozens of kids who were out playing in the area. We are extremely lucky and grateful that no innocent bystanders were hurt.

Two of the occupants of the Honda were arrested for 1st degree armed Robber and for 1st degree assault. They are both juveniles so we are not naming them at this point. There are a lot more potential charges that could also come in the future in this case and it is still being investigated at this time. The driver of the SUV is not being charged as of tonight, but still may be in the future. There is nobody outstanding in this incident and not further threat to the community.

If anybody has further information regarding this case, please call crime check at 456-2233 and reference case number 2018-20149433.

Cpl Van Tassel